Seminar for Open Access to Science Information

Seminar for Open Access to Science Information


In recent years, Open Access to scientific information has appeared and become a priority on the political agenda of S&T research funding agencies, universities, research institutions, etc.

The impulse of the different ways in which Open Access can be provided (the gold OA and the Green OA) requires colaboration of the different stakeholders ((administration, authors, publishers, editors, libraries ...)

The consortia of libraries of Southern European Libraries Link (SELL) ( that represents consortia of libraries from Portugal, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Spain has prepared reports on the situation of Open Access in each of their countries, concerning information, electronic resources, management, etc. These reports are a first step towards offering the basis to establish common policies of action in terms of Open Access, especially how it affects the diffusion process of scientific information.

In this context, FECYT (Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology) organizes the seminar “Policies for the development of OA in Southern Europe”. This major planning event will take place from 12th to 14th of May 2010 in Granada, Spain, and will gather approximately 50 people which draw up a social network map (public administration, founders, authors, publishers, experts and librarians) of the Open Access in Southern Europe. The aim of this seminar is to promote common policies for Open Access in the South of Europe.

About Fecyt

FECYT (Fundación Española para la Ciencia y la Tecnología), the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology, contributes to the strengthening of the Spanish science and technology system by adding value through the integration of scientific research and technological innovation activities, and cohesion between public and private institutions.


The Foundation operates as a non-profit entity with functional autonomy. Its mission is to provide flexible services to the Spanish science & technology system and to foster international projection of Spanish research, in the European science arena in particular. Its strategic aims are: to promote activities of excellent technological research and development, to favor collaboration between national and international agents of science and technology system and to promote the spreading of the scientific culture, as a tool of competitiveness and improvement of the life quality of citizens. Furthermore, FECYT supports the Ministry in S&T policy making and operates as an intermediary body for the Ministry with the relevant stakeholders in areas such as information management, scientific dissemination, R&D indicators, etc